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Hi Hello there. 

Welcome to The Anxious Vagina, a personal blog (oh god not another one) about Vaginismus. 

Everyone always says when life give you lemons, make lemonade. Well, Vaginismus is a big old lemon and I write this blog turn all the bitterness into something more tasty. 

I was diagnosed with Vaginismus two years ago and I am undergoing treatment. It is a common but little talked about psychosexual condition characterised by excessive and sudden unconscious tightening of the vaginal muscles in response to some type of penetration. It varies a lot from person to person but to cut a 13 year story short, it means I can't have penetrative sex without being in a world of pain. Not fun. 


I'm using this space to write about my own personal experiences of the condition, treatments, and the effects that it has had on my life, self confidence and relationships. I'll cover the good, the bad and the funny. This is as much about education and empowerment  as it is emotional breakdowns and I solemnly promise to keep the latter to a minimum.

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